5 Great Ways To Spoil Your Dog

5 Great Ways to Spoil Your Dog


Robert Hartzell

We prefer to reward them, like with a dog treat when they perform a trick correctly. Well, even after the training stops, you don t have to quit spoiling your dog. Here are a few fun ideas that guarantee your dog will have his day maybe even a few of them.

1)Chew Toys/Squeaky Toys

A relatively inexpensive option as far as dog gifts go, chew toys are a classic dog accessory. Be sure to take the size of your dog into account when you buy the toy a Pomeranian is not going to have an easy time with the same toy a Newfoundland would use. If you can bear the sound for the sake of your dog, get a squeaky toy. One that looks like an animal might be especially fun for your canine friend.

2)Dog Clothes

This might be more for your benefit than the dog s, but that all depends. Small or short-haired dogs in cold climates may enjoy a coat or sweater to keep the cold out, and dogs that frequently go off-roading may avoid pad injury by wearing special boots. Of course, there are the purely aesthetic dog clothes that can be a lot of fun. Just make sure your dog seems to be having fun, too. There s no point trying to spoil your doggy with clothes if he s miserable with them on.

3)A Bed of His Own

Rewarding great pooches with luxury dog beds is a great idea. We all spend a lot of time in our beds (when we can afford the time, anyway), and certainly your dog likes to nap in comfort just as much as you do. Some of us enjoy sleeping with our dogs, but 53% of dog owners admit their canine keeps them awake at night. If he s sleeping in your bed and you can t take it anymore, you might want to go the extra mile and consider features beyond a typical dog bed. As with the other suggestions, take your specific dog into consideration when deciding what luxury features are right for your four-legged friend.

4)Homemade Treats

It s always a special occasion when you cook for friends and family. Don t you think your dog would appreciate a home-cooked meal now and then, too? Take a break from the prepackaged stuff and dedicate a day in the kitchen to your dog. She ll thank you if you re a great chef, maybe she ll even thank you out loud!

5)The Dog Park

You know the way those ears perk up when you say wanna go outside in just the right way? Give your dog something more than the usual walk around the neighborhood take him to an off-leash dog park and let him meet his neighbors. It might just improve his temperament around new people and other dogs, and you might meet some fellow dog lovers along the way.







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5 Great Ways to Spoil Your Dog

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