China Already Have 142 Million People Who Purchase Online

By Himfr Paul

Since 2008 international financial crisis in China since the impact, constantly improve economic growth momentum structure, make up the economy to maintain good posture, market-driven consumption, investment and export jointly stimulate economic growth pattern initially formed.

Benban today launched a series of reports in China, consuming, promote private investment and export structure adjustment. We feel is coming from the economic development mode change, feel the speed stability and sustainable economic growth.

After the National Day, work for a newspaper in Beijing, the ChenXiaoJing BanZhi, in the home residence unknowingly bought thousands of yuan.

Nowadays, our country like shopping on the Internet as ChenXiaoJing 1.42 billion, number has reached the equivalent of the British population twice.

According to the Internet consultancy analysis international, China’s online retail sales during the first half of the 2010 market size of 2133 billion yuan, is already close to the mofcom issued by the year 2009 2586 billion yuan. Fast growth, also can be in the data from a peep spot, the leopard – 117% knowledge from 2007 until 2009 China network retail turnover, with an average annual growth rate is total retail sales of consumer goods with an average annual growth rate of 6.5 times. In recent years, China’s e-commerce has grown rapidly and become the important power consumption market in China.

By 2010, jan.7 network model will drive 9.8 billion yuan of consumer market

With the popularization of Internet users, and payment system, increase the continuous improvement of the credit system, network shopping mature, change the social consumption mode, changing people’s consumption habits.

“In online shopping, don’t go out, through the electronic bank to pay, door-to-door delivery, the transaction, very convenient.” ChenXiaoJing said 2009; she spent on average monthly buys some 800 yuan.

But, goods and complete, “almost no goods is not on the network. ChenXiaoJing regrets. Now the Internet commodity has reached over billions of tangible goods, except the intangible service, also can buy insurance from buys housing rental, from the water to pay to the phone.


In addition, due to omit storefront lease fees, sales channels, many commodities prices on the network to low hypostatic store. Joyo/Amazon from the data also shows that large electrical goods directly over the Internet to buy can let consumer saving 10-30%.

But with the rise of the Internet, jan.7 mode price advantage is got unprecedented, 39 yuan to buy two tickets for a movie with popcorn and two bottles of beverage, 1 fold eat dinner… According to the forecast, 2010 network group will 9.8 billion yuan mode of the consumer market.

The Chinese academy of social sciences research center, information JiangJiPing secretary-general of that buys goods, in early stage, mainly displays in extrusion profits, later in provides consumers with diversity, personalized choices, promote the transformation of production.

It was revealed that two three areas are rising rapidly, buys the market have dominated the market of China buys deodorants. Experts say, this means that the network shopping this express by city fashion crowd engine has been replaced by horsepower stronger mass market.

“China’s e-commerce market after ten years has entered into the thin hair well-grounded. The future will also have more rapid growth.” Main network clothing sales ecommerce every guest WuSheng vice President expressed sincere products.

Per capita consumption of Internet, e-commerce buys growing as new domestic demand

So, to the businessman, China’s e-commerce boom researches on foot?

Just a minute, the results show that, at least, can sell 969 dresses, 203 shoes, 164 ornaments… One day, the volume of high “to” touch 9 billion yuan.

At the same time, the per capita consumption of netizens buys ceaselessly. Shanghai consumer 2009 in taobao per capita consumption of 1300 yuan. But the Internet counseling agencies aeryn survey, 2009 in China’s e-commerce users, nearly two year accumulative amount into user buys more than 5,000 yuan.

China buys JiangJiPing potential is tremendous, that the development of mobile Internet and 4.2 million Internet users, especially young Internet users into business consumption stage will promote buys continue to grow.

This potential consumer market, incremental already more and more get the favour of traditional enterprise, many enterprises have to “nets amphibious assault”, or authorized by official flagship store form appearance, each network platform of retail.

B2C website also showed the trend, the rapid growth of cluster data display, 2009 new B2C sites and 2010, 4000, the number of new enterprises B2C will reach 10,000. These sites of promoting consumption growth cannot small gaze.

In addition, the farmers across emerging online venture “fire”. According to the introduction, hebei xingtai is GaoZhuang east village 400 villagers, has opened shop sells cashmere line with annual sales in 100 thousand yuan of above reached more than 20. Such examples and jiangsu, zhejiang yiwu market sand QingYan liu village, etc, these places has gradually formed by peasants online community.

Domestic strategy is not “disregard” buys potential

By 2010, China’s Internet shopping transactions during the first half of total retail sales of consumer has nearly 3%. However, China’s Internet shopping turnover has not yet been fully into the total retail sales of consumer to consumer buys statistics, pull rate, statistical methods are still study.

However, this number is 3% compared with the developed countries are still quite gap, the Chinese academy of social sciences research data display information research center: early in 2007, the American market in the retail market buys the proportion of 3.72% for, the UK is 4.5%, South Korea 8.65% up.

But in the electronic commerce expert, Beijing is looking at LvBo President consulting company, at present, automobile, grain, fruit and vegetable etc, are rarely buys sales network of sales clothing shoes and hats bags, digital products and consumer products such as fashion products, consumer buys the economy far exceed 3%.

JiangJiPing that e-commerce will through three stages, in social consumer buys now also is added stage, will gradually developed into the neck with the entity economy, after stage, further development will lead to the stage, leading and drive.

Experts point out that, China’s online retail trade; domestic national strategy should be fully considered starting at this point.

From the policy, the central and local governments to significantly increased the importance of e-commerce. In March 2010, premier wen jiabao in 2010 government work report highlights: “actively develop e-commerce”. This is the “e-commerce” first appeared in the country’s government work report in many provinces, positive response.

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