The Benefits Of Hiring A Drop Box

byAlma Abell

Drop boxes are little more than a huge metal box; this box is fitted with wheels and is designed to be transported to a specific location on a truck where it will be dropped off. Drop boxes in Portland OR are often seen on construction sites, factories and locations where major renovations to the property are taking place.

Before the order is placed, the customer first needs to decide the size of the drop box in cubic yards and where it is to be dropped. Depending on the situation, there can be a need for multiple boxes on site, one of which will be used for construction scrap and rubble while the other is dedicated to materials which can eventually be recycled.

Drop boxes in Portland OR are available in a number of different cubic capacities; the most popular are 15, 30 and 40 cubic yards although smaller units are also available. The drop box can be permanent or temporary; many companies that generate considerable recyclable scrap such as metal or plastics will often station a box on a permanent basis. The rental company picks up the full drop box against a schedule or on demand and when they pick up they also drop off an empty replacement.

Factories often marry a drop box with a compactor; this is true with companies that generate significant amounts of waste paper and paper products such as cardboard. The waste is dumped into the drop box and eventually transferred over to the compactor where it is baled. The baled material is picked up and delivered to a local paper mill for recycling.

If the drop box has been ordered to support a home demolition or major renovation job it often has to be dropped on the street. Should this happen the customer normally has to procure a permit, the permit will usually state that the box must be identifiable in the night with fixed warning lights as well as traffic cones for both day and night.

If the drop box is being brought to a well-landscaped area or it is to be dropped on a paved driveway the possibility of damage to the surface can be mitigated by resting the box on skids which sit under each corner, lifting it off the actual surface. When the drop box is picked up there will be far less chance of damage.

There is little doubt that renting drop boxes in Portland OR is the ideal way of disposing of construction rubble, unwanted waste and recyclable materials.

Drop Boxes in Portland OR are available in five normal capacities from 10 to 40 cubic yards. You are invited to contact Portland Disposal & Recycling, Inc to discuss dates, sizes and rates.

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