To Succeed Move In The Right Direction

To Succeed Move In The Right Direction


Scott F Paradis

You are a success machine. You are intended to succeed. You possess all the skills, attributes, resources, and means to prosper. And not just to squeak by, but to succeed wildly. You have within you the ability to rise to great heights, to beat seemingly overwhelming odds, to contribute uniquely and spectacularly to the adventure of life. You are limited only by your conditioning and by the beliefs you claim as your own. Resolve, in this moment, here and now, not to allow yourself to fall victim ever again to challenging circumstances and negative attitudes. You have the power to achieve whatever you desire.


It is time for you to change direction – to head down a new path – to move from distraction to focus, from mediocrity to excellence, from despair to hope. If you are a searcher and have been at your quest for any length of time, you have encountered a multitude of \”secrets to success.\” There are literally thousands of messages and millions of messengers around you today. You have unlimited, nearly unfettered access to timeless truths and ageless wisdom. The \”secrets\” are captured in books and articles, writings and paintings, films and stories – they are concealed in literature, art, and architecture. Nature itself, the world around you, reveals the secrets daily. You just need to know where to look and be disposed to embrace the truth you encounter. You can find the truth in religious traditions, in prayers and mediation. The secrets of success are literally being shouted from mountaintops. They are disclosed in the words you hear, the kaleidoscope of colors you see, the blend of impulses you feel. Sort through the noise and the chatter – listen – then move in the right direction. The truth – the secrets – call out to you every day, over and over again. You can be so much more. You can experience so much more. You can become so much more. Upon intention, desire, and motivation, rests the story of your life. Your future – fears, tears, glory, and triumph – hang in the balance. What is it you want to do, experience, contribute, become? If the spark of yearning, of thirst, of desire still flickers, you have an opportunity to start life anew. If you are willing to learn, to act and to grow, you can alter the course and destiny of your life. You can embark on an extraordinary adventure. You can make what you have better, or you can start over and create something entirely new. It is up to you. We often reduce options to either-or choices when we really experience conditions along a continuum. You are on a path always moving toward something and away from something, but it rarely feels as though the choice is all or nothing. There are many routes to every objective. Life expresses itself in an unlimited variety of ways. But some choices are better than others. The challenge is to make the best choices. To succeed, to live a full and fulfilling life, you must move toward your highest good. When you do, you encounter peace and love and joy. Start moving in the right direction. Copyright (c) 2012 Scott F Paradis

Scott F. Paradis, author of \”Success 101 How Life Works – Know the Rules, Play to Win\”, teaches the fundamental principles of leadership and success,

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